Nex Gen Studios is an amazing space that is sometimes referred to as NexGen Studios, Nex Gen, NexGen, Next Gen and, Next Gen Studios.  Nex Gen Studios is a great place to have a rehearsal here in New York City, NYC.   We are located in Midtown Manhattan and rent out rehearsal spaces, dance spaces, audition spaces by the hour.  Our rehearsal studios are well equipped.  Nex Gen studio's rates are very competitive.  We offer special rates for actors equity and not for profit.  Nex Gen has a variety of rehearsal studios, dance studios in Manhattan.  Nex Gen rental studios are equipped with a piano.  We even have dedicated vocal studios.  We rent our dance, rehearsal and audition studios by the hour.  Nex Gen  rehearsal spaces can also be used for yoga, ballet, music, performing arts, acting, singing and performing.  Nex Gen is the best dance, audition and rehearsal space in NYC.  Have your next musical, play or class at Nex Gen Studios.  All of our studios have sprung wood floors, sprung floors, marley floors and our studios are equipped with Yamaha pianos.  We aspire to be as customer service orientated as Pearl Studios which is sometimes referred to as Pearl Studios NYC.  Open Jar Studios, Ripley-Grier, Ripley-Grier Studios, Ripley-Grier Flexible Spaces, Chelsea Studios, Shetler Studios, Simple Studios, Growing Studios are some of our competitors.  Shetler Studios and Chelsea Studios have closed.  We also host a variety of classes including salsa, tango, Indian dance, irish dance, Zumba, dance fitness, martial arts, orchestra and choir.  Don't confuse us with Next Gen Studios.  We are the number one audition space in the country.  Have your next rehearsal with us!